Health authorities revealed on Thursday that there are three Australians infected with the superbug or bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Professor Peter Collignon, head of infectious diseases at Canberra Hospital, said one is in Queensland, another is in Sydney and the third is in the capital. Two of them had just arrived from India, where they were hospitalized.

Collignon warned there is no antibiotic that can treat the superbug infection. The only precaution that could be taken is to prevent the infection from coming to Australia.

Collignon also warned Australians they risk getting infected with the superbug if they undergo cosmetic surgery in a foreign country.

Reports said the superbug, which has the gene NDM-1 (New Delhi metalo-beta-lactamase) that makes it resistant to antibiotics, may have originated in India. A study identified 140 cases of NDM-1 superbug infection in India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.