A car accident Satuday night killed three people, including a 10-year-old girl who was trick-or-treating, and injured four others in the Bronx, New York, WABC-TV reported. A 63-year-old man driving a black car lost control of his vehicle at an intersection, crashing into someone's front yard and striking the victims.

"There was a family of kids trick-or-treating, walking behind me, and all of a sudden, like a car -- I heard the boom," a witness told WABC. 

Ambulances arrived at the scene on Morris Park Avenue at around 5 p.m., where victims and bystanders surrounding the accident were openly crying, the station reported. One victim died at the scene, while a 21-year-old man and 10-year-old girl died at Jacobi Hospital. Others who were injured, including the driver, are being treated at Jacobi as well.

"The car literally jumped over a parked [car] and flew into the gate, hitting a bunch of people," the witness said. "She must have sped so fast to jump that curb and fly over a parked car that she landed on someone."

Other witnesses told WNBC the car indeed went airborne before hitting the pedestrians in the front yard. A cab driver said the driver rammed into his vehicle before flying off the road.