The life of a college student, whether it's in a university online or a traditional brick-and-mortar college, is filled with chaos and many responsibilities. Luckily, mobile devices have made us far more organized and has increased our ability to keep track of all the classes, assignments, and other demands on the life of the college student. It's hard to think about how people were able to manage their lives and keep track of everything before mobile phones. Though doing so isn't impossible, many of the apps for the iPhone were specifically developed for people in school:


CheggOne of the biggest costs, besides tuition fees, is the outrageous costs of textbooks for classes. Even if you're taking an online course, you still have to buy books many times. There are many online resources that are there to help people get a hold of the books and materials they need at a discount. You, usually, ever want to buy your materials through a college and that's one of the reasons why Chegg was developed. Chegg is an app that is totally centered around renting textbooks for students. This way, you don't even have to buy them and after you're done, you can return it. You can also choose to buy a book if you want and you can scan the bar code on the book and search through millions of titles. This has become a tremendous resource for students just wanting to save money and reduce the extreme costs of going to school.


myHomeworkNot everyone is fortunate enough to focus totally on their school work. For the most part, people who attend school usually work at least a part-time job and some even work full-time jobs and balance a family at the same time. It's extremely difficult for even the most organized person to hold 15 to 18 credit hours, a job, family, and all the other demands throughout the week. The app myHomework, was designed to help students keep track of more than just their assignments. It gives users a way to detail and track their assignments, due-dates, classes, and a lot more. It's free to anyone and a very handy tool to have around.

EZ Read

EZIdeally you want to be able to read every book that you're assigned but, when you have 5 to 6 classes going and each one has a ton of work assigned, sometimes you need a basic overview. Even if you do have the time and you just want a refresher for a book you've read, there's the iPhone app EZ Read. This app brings to bare the entire collection of You can access all of this on the iPhone and access book summaries and various refresher quizzes that will test to knowledge about any book you can find. This app does have some controversy paired with it because some teachers don't approve of its use. It has show to be very effective in giving students a good idea of course work. It's not just reading summaries of books. Through EZ Read, you can access character analysis, summaries of specific chapters, or key facts and plot points for material you're covering in class. Check it out if you feel like you need a little extra help keeping track of all your work.

Some of these apps might not work for everyone but, if there's something here that doesn't work for you, check out Apple's incredible app market for its smart devices. There's something out there for everyone whether you're a traditional student getting a fine art's degree or you're a medical student that needs a more technical approach. Look online for these apps and others to make the most out of your college experience.


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