A county judge, a Texas public safety official and a county Sherriff's Captain said on Tuesday evening no bodies had been found at a Texas farmhouse after local authorities received a tip from a self-confessed psychic that there was a mass grave on the site.

Cadaver dogs have found nothing at the farmhouse the Liberty County town of Hardin.

Liberty County Judge Craig McNair said cadaver dogs did not find bodies Tuesday night at a home about 70 miles northeast of Houston, KHOU reported.

The head of the Texas Department of Public Safety told the Houston Chronicle nothing had been confirmed.

There's nothing been confirmed ... and we don't have any confirmation that bodies have been buried, said Col. Steve McCraw told the Houston Chronicle We're working with our local partners, and anytime there's a report of this nature we have an obligation to work with our local partners to determine if it's factual or not.

McCraw said there had been a tip from a self-professed psychic that a mass grave had been found.

There was a tip, but no bodies have been found, McCraw said.

Liberty County Sheriff's Captain Rex Evans said there was no indication of bodies being anywhere on the property, the Associated Press reported. He said authorities found nothing to indicate a homicide had taken place.

Evans said authorities would investigate the person who made the initial tip.

We are going to continue our investigation and find out how this individual had this information in the first place, Evans said.