In some bars across the nation, you could already stock up on condoms, cigarettes and pretty much any item you could need for a night out. But one non-profit organization in Minnesota added a new item: dispensers offering a pregnancy test for $3.

According to WQOW news in Minnesota, the nonprofit Healthy Brains for Children came up with the idea to make pregnancy tests available in women's bathrooms at an upscale bar, Pub 500 in Mankato, for the low price of $3.

"It took about 30 seconds to say yes," Pub 500 owner Tom Fredrik told KARE.

The idea came from Jody Allen of Healthy Brains for Children, who believed the availability of pregnancy tests in bars was one thing missing for patrons.

"How many times have you heard people say, 'Oh, I didn't realize I was pregnant,' and they weren't trying to conceive," Crowe told WQOW.

Crowe, author of "The Fatal Link," said the addition of pregnancy tests could likely prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome by some who are pregnant and tempted to drink, especially the upscale demographic which he said is most likely to drink while pregnant.

"That early brain development is so critical," Crowe said. Fredrik of Pub 500 added that the novelty idea, while it may be funny, could help raise awareness.

"Humor is a good educator, as well," Fredrik said.

Crowe isn't even stopping at bars; He said he wants to eventually expand the dispensers to locker rooms, gas stations and malls in addition to bars in Minnesota.

According to Time, the profits from the pregnancy test dispensers - expected to reach about $1,000 - will go towards the Healthy Brains for Children Charity.

Crowe said that financially stable women in urban areas over age 30 are the most likely to drink during pregnancy, which is why he targeted a bar where the demographic is present.

The Centers for Disease Control said of 14,000 pregnant women, 20 percent said they drank more than four or five drinks while pregnant. The pregnancy test dispenser news comes just recently after the U.S. government released figures that one in 13 American women reported to have drank while pregnant, Time reported.