width=275Food & Spirits: Not your mother's cupcakes, the Cups advertisement reads. Indeed.

Cups, the organic 'cupcakery'; in downtown La Jolla, continues to utterly delight taste buds young and old (including mine). Now Cups boasts a 3-star certification from the National Green Restaurant Association, making it the only bakery in California to have this coveted claim. It's an honor not given out like candy. Cups earned its certification by showcasing dozens of green initiatives, including its use of organic material uniforms, substantial vegan and vegetarian options, and non-toxic cleaning products. Even Cups' interior, from its inlaid cupcake stone work, to its back cooking classroom, were designed with local LEED-certified architectural firm, rAd Architects. Goes to show: you can be green and have your cake, from Vanilla Vixen to Bienenstich, too.