Who stole the pot-laced cookies from the cookie jar? A three-year-old Southern California boy was rushed to the hospital when his family realized he had gotten into a family member's secret stash of chocolate-chip pot-laced cookies a day earlier, according to Fox News.

When they were unable to wake the usually energetic toddler, his family called 911 and had an ambulance dispatched to the residence when they realize the boy had snuck some special cookies from grandma's refrigerator in the garage.

Naturally, the boy did not realize that the cookies were made with medical marijuana concentrate, the Murrieta Police Department said.

The grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer and has been recommended to treat her pain with marijuana to help her sleep better at night, according to Sgt. Phil Gomez.

His grandma baked her cookies days before her cookie monster grandson snuck into her THC special cookies.

Murrieta police arrived at the family's home around 10:30 am on Saturday, June 30, after he could not be woken up.

His aunt was watching him and his sibling and didn't see the boy slip into garage where he ingested the cookies, the Press-Enterprise said. Although the boy's father noticed cookie crumbs on the garage floor when he got back from work, he thought it was the grandmother who had been munching on the special dessert.

The three-year-old was acting normally after he had secretly eaten the cookies, but when he fell asleep at 5 p.m. and was still sleeping at 9:30 a.m., Gomez said, his family was alarmed even though he was still breathing regularly.

 No one knows how [many cookies] he ate, Gomez explained, and the family didn't know the toddler knew how to break into the garage or that cookies were hiding in the refrigerator.

It's just kind of like the perfect storm, Gomez told the Press-Enterprise.

Gomez explained that the names of the family members have not been released because the case is still being investigated, and no one has been arrested.

Authorities are waiting for the young boy's toxicology report to come back.

It's unfortunate that they didn't take better steps to keep those cookies out of reach of the child, Gomez said.

If marijuana byproducts are found in the 3-year-old's system, his family could be face child endangerment charges, the officer explained to Press-Enterprise.

The grandmother knows that she made a mistake and does not plan on making a replacement batch of THC cookies.

She claims she's not going to make them ever again, Gomez said.