An antsy 3-year-old boy was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight, after refusing to put no his seatbelt and causing a scene, the Associated Press reported. 

The toddler Daniel Yanchuck, was sitting with his father on row 23 of a red-eye flight bound for Miami when he started to get impatient and caused a scene. 

He was cranky.  He was trying to get out.   The seat belt was on him, but he was trying to get out and I was holding him down, his father Mark Yanchuck told  Kiro TV. 

Flight attendants tried to help by moving the boy's mother closer. She who was sitting elsewhere on the plane due to seating restrictions. 

When I came, he was just sitting with his seat belt fastened and after two or three minutes I managed to calm him down, his mother explained. But this did not stop the flight being disrupted. 

After travelling just 50 feet, the pilot made an announcement that the plane would be going back to the gate. Upon arrival the toddler was kicked off the flight. 

I'm like, 'Do we have to?'  I said, 'He's fine.  He's calm.  Do we have to?'  He said the pilot made his final decision, the boy's father explained.

Daniel's mother, Svetlana Yanchuck, said the incident was extremely embarrassing and she felt as though her family was treated like criminals.

The Yanchuck family, who were traveling to the Virgin Islands, said the incident did not merit throwing the 3-year-old off the plane. The Airline offered to book them on another flight, but they declined the offer and are waiting for a refund. 

A flight attendant told Kiro TV that even though the boy had his seat belt on for the most part, it wa around his neck with his legs dangling out below his seat.