30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan has openly admitted to loving the restaurant Benihana.

I love Benihana like I love my favorite strip club, he told New York Magazine.

On Thursday night's episode, Morgan - and his character, Ogbert Tracy Jordan - made their Benihana fantasies come true.

Jordan ended up finding a Benihana gift certificate for $50,000.

I did an ad and insisted on being paid in Beni Bucks, he recalled. He soon made an announcement to the room: Gentlemen we have one day to eat $50,000 worth of Japanese food.

Later, after the group realizes they cannot consume so much food in such a short amount of time, Tracy Jordan has an epiphany and ends up feeding a group of homeless people.

The Japanese restaurant has a colorful history. It started off as a coffee shop in Tokyo, Japan after WWII and evolved into a restaurant, according to the company's Web site.

The owner's eldest son would open a restaurant in New York City. The establishment got a huge boost when late food critic Clementine Paddleford wrote a good review in the New York Herald-Tribune.

Today, the restaurant is an established chain with headquarters in Miami, Florida. 

What set Benihana apart was that the food was theatrically cooked in front of the customer, making for an entertaining dining experience.

It certainly keeps Morgan coming back for more.

They cook the food right in front of you, he told NY Magazine. They might go to Pathmark and buy it, but they're gonna cook it. Fancy.