30-Woman Street Brawl: Facebook Post Sparks Battle-Royale In Sacramento [VIDEO] 

Over 30 women gathered on Sunday afternoon in the streets of Sacrmaneto to fight over a Facebook post, according to reports. The hood rat brawl echoed a violent confrontation over Twitter posts between two black girls recorded online earlier this month and posted on World Star Hip Hop.

According to the Sacramento Police Department the fight began after one woman saw a post on Facebook on her husband's wall written by another woman which she accused of being sexually suggestive.

The incident is still under investigation, Officer Michele Gigante told the The Huffington Post. But it looks like the women then met for a fight, along with their friends or other people involved.

When the police arrived the fight was already over and the woman had dispersed, but witnesses say they saw around 30 women fighting with baseball bats, bottles, rock and other weapons.

According to CBS, one woman broke a candleholder off of a nearby memorial and brandished it as a weapon. At least two women involved were hospitalized.

Two people really sustained major injuries, Sacramento Police Sgt. Andrew Pettit told CBS. Those two people were reportedly hit with bats and they went to the hospital requiring stitches.