Today, 310 Holdings Inc. announced its intention to file a patent application to protect the company’s new development technology, Plastic2Oil, which is designed to break down plastic molecules so as to extract fuel from plastic. This procedure utilizes a process and catalyst that is not presently commercialized.

By integrating this technology into a large batch processor, the company believes that it can achieve many unparalleled accomplishments. The new technology allows approximately one liter of fuel to be extracted from a kilogram of plastic at lower energy and production costs. Additionally, the company is projecting a busy summer schedule, including the opening of a new Massachusetts office on August 1st and the arrival of Large Batch Plastic2Oil from China.

John Bordynuik, 310 Holdings Inc. President and CEO said, “As soon as our patent application has been accepted by the USPTO and as soon as we receive the gas chromatograph, we will demonstrate our technology on a small scale with our small Plastic2Oil processor. We believe this will adequately disclose and affirm the viability of our Plastic2Oil process by exhibiting the low processing time and high yield.”

Bordynuik added, “We are very excited to have our own in-house analysis lab so we can dynamically change the variables within our small processor to quickly perfect the process and determine processing time and yield.”