3DIcon Corporation, a development-stage technology company, announced this morning that it has established a Technical Advisory Board to support and guide the development of commercial applications for its patented volumetric 3D display system.

Dr. Thomas W. Allen has been appointed as the initial advisory director. His credentials include serving as a Dean with the Oklahoma State University Medical School and Midwest University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has also served as a Colonel in the Medical Corps of the United States Army Reserve and currently serves on many Federal and state boards and commissions.

Dr. Allen commented, “I am very pleased to have been selected to the newly formed 3DIcon Technical Advisory Board. The futuristic vision of 3DIcon is being realized through the introduction of CSpace - the true three dimension display system developed by 3DIcon. The application of real-time 360 degree 3D imaging will greatly enhance current medical imaging systems. Future potential applications in telemedicine and teleconferencing will broaden the use of this technology. The Technical Advisory Board will assist 3DIcon in identifying other commercial applications for future inventions and discoveries.”

“We are genuinely honored to have Tom Allen join us in this advisory position,” added Martin Keating, 3DIcon’s CEO. “He’s been an investor and supporter of our company since its inception, and he brings exceptional knowledge and experience, especially as we begin presenting CSpace display technology to the worldwide medical imaging industry.”