3DIcon Corp., a development-stage technology company, announced that it will be presenting at the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters/Society of Broadcast Engineers’ Engineering Conference 2009 later this week. 3DIcon founder and CEO Martin Keating and chief technical officer Dr. Hakki Refai are scheduled to discuss the current 3D technology revolution and its potential impact on the radio and television industry.

“With new technology, especially three-dimensional technology, the future is almost yesterday’s news. What we see ahead is nothing short of the way the world communicates,” stated Martin Keating, 3DIcon’s founder and CEO.

The company’s proprietary 3D display system - CSpace(R) - boasts genuine 3D imaging and could be applied to a plethora of different fields. CSpace has proven its ability to provide true, high-resolution, 360-degree, 3D images without any viewing aids and is the first proven technology of its kind that has no mechanical moving parts. 3DIcon is aggressively targeting international companies to introduce the capabilities of its C-Space system.

“We have achieved in five years what we originally thought would take 50 or more years to accomplish,” commented Dr. Pramode Verma, co-principal investigator of the 3DIcon Sponsored Research Agreement with the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Verma, a critical member of the 3DIcon research team, is director of the T-Com program and professor of computer engineering at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa.

Martin Keating added, “We are pleased to be invited to present a look ahead at the OAB/SBE annual conference. Our technology can provide true 3D images which no other system has yet been able to attain. With major applications in numerous fields such as healthcare and homeland security, we believe our CSpace technology will affect many industries over the next few years. We’re excited about the possibilities.”