width=237Prevention Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello (remember the Flat Belly Diet?) is back with the 400 Calorie Fix.

If you read Prevention you are probably aware of the 400 Calorie column - which focuses on menus and meals that total up to 400 Calories.

The diet was featured on the Rachael Ray show,

I was pleasantly surprised when I actually looked at the meals and realized how much food 400 calories can be. Getting used to eating on the plan was easy as far as my hunger was concerned, but as a busy mommy, the planning was a little tough for me in the beginning.

Why 400 Calories?
We came up with that amount because registered dietitians say that's the amount in a meal that you're going to remain satisfied, you're not going to get cravings, you get a variety of tastes and textures and you're going to get enough disease-fighting nutrients so you stay healthy. - Liz Vaccariello.

Don't confuse this with a 400 Calorie Diet!
Three main meals would total 1200 Calories, plus extra for snacks. Given that the average intake is around 2700-2800 Calories per day, this is a good figure to shoot for.

The focus of the book is to take aim at the calorie creep that has occured over the last thirty years. The author wants to start retraining your mind to see food the 400-calorie way.