Steak ‘N Shake waitress CeCe Bruce has received lavish tips before, but nothing could have prepared her for the generosity of one regular customer.

Bruce, a part-time student at Martin University, has worked at an Indianapolis Steak ‘N Shake restaurant for more than two years. Still, the waitress was floored when a regular customer named Miss Jo left her a tip amounting to more than 7,000 percent of her purchase, NBC-affiliate WTHR reports.

"I was having a hard time at another table, but kept smiling and going on," said Bruce, who walked over to collect Miss Jo’s receipt.

"At first I thought, '$46?' And I said, 'Miss Jo, that's really generous!'" Bruce said. In reality, the frequent patron had something far more substantial in mind.

"When I looked again, I said 'Oh my gosh Miss Jo, I'm not taking that!' And she said, 'Yes, you're taking it' and I said no and she said 'You need to take it,'" Bruce said. Miss Jo had left a $446 tip on a bill of just $5.97. "I didn't think I was worth $400 but, you know, she feels I am.”

Bruce said she plans to use the tip to "pay bills, pay bills right on time, that's what I'm definitely going to do."

The restaurant's general manager, Greer Gooley, said Bruce’s tip was well-deserved.

“She stays late, comes in early. Whenever we need her, she's here. So she deserves it more than anyone,” Gooley told local television station WISH. “It just lets servers know that you work hard and it does pay off. There are people out there that [if] you do your job people reward you for it.”

Meanwhile, Miss Jo barely stayed around long enough to receive a thank you. "She's a really sweet lady and she didn't want any gracious gratitude. She signed the receipt and walked out the door," Bruce said on air. "Miss Jo, if you're watching, I love you and thank you very much!"