On a day when everyone from Google to Hulu has gotten in on the pranks, the San Francisco 49ers have also joined in on April Fool’s Day.

The team announced on its official Web site Monday a new clothing line built around head coach Jim Harbaugh and his "uniform" of a black, long-sleeve shirt and khaki pants.

The tongue-in-cheek release read: “A trendsetter in the coaching profession, Harbaugh has inspired fans with a unique sideline look that he carries over into all facets of his life. Whether the 2011 AP Coach of the Year is stalking the sidelines of Candlestick Park or enjoying a round of golf at Pebble Beach, chances are he'll be dawning his black fleece, khaki pants and 49ers black cap.”

Harbaugh will also release “Golf,” “Casual,” and “Formal” Collections, but those will just include a blue collared shirt underneath and some black dress shoes.

Known for his wild gesticulations on the sideline, the 49ers are clearly having some fun with a coach that took their Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens very hard.

Harbaugh was despondent and upset about San Francisco’s final offensive play, and later said he believed pass interference should have been called.

The joke could mean San Francisco and Harbaugh have put the past behind them, and are looking forward to a new season.