A key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act has just been struck down by the Supreme Court, permitting gay and lesbian couples to enjoy the federal benefits that heterosexual couples do in states where gay marriage is legal, and California's Proposition 8 is dead.

That got us thinking. What examples of gay marriage and LGBT issues exist in video games? After some research and pondering, we came up with these five examples that you may not know about.

1. Gay Marriage in "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim"

Gay marriage exists in "Skyrim." No, really! Don't believe us? Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube.

2. Gay marriage in "Fable 3"

You can have a gay wedding in "Fable 3." Honest! Not buying it? Check out the video below, again courtesy of YouTube. Note that it includes a pretty sloppy kiss between two men. Although they are video game characters, those among you who may be offended have been warned.

3. Gay relationships and jealousy in "Mass Effect 3"

Check out the below video to see footage of men flirting, expressing jealousy and much more, courtesy of YouTube.

4. Gay flirting in "Borderlands 2"

One NPC in "Borderlands 2" will flirt with you pretty aggressively if you engage him in conversation. Check out the video below for proof.

5. Gay relationships in "Guild Wars 2"

If you enter one particular instance in "Guild Wars 2," you'll come across a gay couple. See for yourself in the video below, courtesy of YouTube.


What do you think of the above examples of gay marriage and relationships in video games? Did you know about them? Can you think of any other examples of gay marriage or relationships in video games? What's missing from this list? Sound off in the comments below.