What if the iPhone 5 gets modifications we never even thought about or expected?

Here is a list of the top 5 such innovations that can be a real game-changer.

Tangible touch feature: Various people have often complained about the typing feature on the touch screen of the iPhones. Apple may look to do something about the tangibility part with the introduction of new technologies. A new vibrating technique based on friction may be applied which will feel as if you are using an actual keyboard. That can satisfy both the set of customers who want a keyboard and those who want a touchscreen.

High definition link: Apple can use a MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) that will merge an HDMI jack with a USB. That way the phone will be able to play videos of 1080p HD via a small plug. Apple, however, will not want to convert the whole interface of the iPhone that they have carefully built over the years.


iphone5blog.net: Apple's iPhone

Advanced camera: Cameras, over the years, have produced decent mega-pixels. But in the process, they have been given very little space in a filled gadget. So how about a liquid-lens camera? This technology uses refractive liquid to operate. A few drops of the liquid are enough for optical image stabilization.

Advanced LED Screen: The market, at the moment, is filled with phones that have OLED screens boasting of brightness and low power consumption. Hence, the concept of a quantum-dot screen. These dots are inert nano-particles that release light when keyed up by an electric current or a light ray. The production of the screens, however, is said to be three years out at the earliest.

See-through display: A phone with a transparent display is only seen in a sci-fi Hollywood flick (apart from LG GD900), but what if they really come to life? Such a display would become translucent or opaque when you play a video or work on something. This would be a real deal if Apple can introduce it. An epitome of beauty to say the least.


gadgetmedia.info: iPhone 5 concept art