width=151There are many things on which blame can be placed for the extra weight we put on. But one of the primary culprits is the sedentary lifestyle that Americans follow. In this digital age, sitting for up to nine hours a day at a computer in the office isn't uncommon, and that doesn't include the time spent lounging in the evenings. Other than the walk to and from the car, the amount of movement we get in each day sorely lacking.

width=153In an effort to help those in the workforce become more active, The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper has teamed up with MSN to create the 5 Minute Office Workout, a web series that provides fitness instruction for the office.

In addition to office workouts, the website also features tools on how to pack a healthy lunch for work, question and answer with Harper and videos that show him performing heart-pumping exercises to get the blood flowing and push the metabolism to perform.


  • Promotes active lifestyle
  • Bob Harper is a well-respected fitness authority
  • No cost
  • Easily fit in more activity to your day
  • Nutrition tips and tools


  • Must be disciplined to reap the benefits
  • Lunch guidance not thorough


Bob Harper 5 Minute Office Workout also includes the Lunch Box, an online interactive feature that allows users to determine the nutritional value of their lunch by choosing the foods they ate or plan to eat. Simply drag and drop the items into a simulated lunch box and watch the calories, fat and carbs automatically calculate.

Modify your lunch box by removing or adding items to meet your nutrition goals.

Bob Harper's lunch box is used as an example so that you can compare yours to his to gain additional on how to have a healthy lunch. Since the Lunch Box food items are general, i.e. chicken sandwich, the nutrition calculations may not be entirely accurate.


There are 22 5 Minute Office Workouts in which Bob Harper visits an unsuspecting office to show the employees how to gain a full card workout without leaving their desks. Each workout includes step-by-step instructions. You can also share your own favorite office workout with others via the site.

Harper suggests performing an exercise whenever you have a few free minutes. You can select from exercises that target the legs, abs, biceps, or back muscles. Harper also created exercises for new mothers who bring their babies to work, as well as yoga-inspired workouts.


Bob Harper is one of the most popular fitness trainers today, and he has changed many lives as one of the trainers on NBC's The Biggest Loser. Via 5 Minute Office Workout, he is able to reach out to the millions of Americans who lead rather sedentary lives as they toil away in their offices five days a week.

With a variety of exercises to choose from, all of which can be done in three to five minutes, Bob's 5 Minute Office Workout is a quick and effective way to get your heart rate up during the day without even leaving the office. You can then leave work each day feeling like you accomplished something for your health as well as the company.

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