The iOS 5 brings even more features to the mobile Safari browsers. Reader, Reading List and tabbed browsing in iPad are the three major improvements. The Reader essentially displays an uncluttered version of web articles so you can read without distraction. The Reading List, just like Instapaper, lets you save any interesting web article for later reading. If you own an iPad, you can now simply switch between web pages using the tabs under address bar.

On top of these enhancements, there are a few nice improvements that are not highlighted. Again we put up a list of hidden Safari features bundled in iOS 5.

Private Browsing

Similar to Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser on desktop, the mobile Safari now supports private browsing. Private browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any data for the site you've visited. Nearly all modern browsers on desktop come with this feature. With iOS 5, you can also enjoy private browsing on your iPhone and iPad.

To enable the feature, simply go to Settings -> Safari and switch on Private Browsing.


Open Link in Background

Before the release of iOS 5, you're only allowed to open any link in the same page or as a new page in Safari. Now Safari in iOS 5 offers another option that lets you open link in the background.

To tweak the setting, go to Settings -> Safari -> Open Links and select In Background. Later when you tap and hold a link in a web page, Safari will show the Open in Background option.




Remove Individual Website Data

You can now have a finer control of the website data that saves locally on your device. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced and tap on Website Data. You can view the amount of data saved locally. In case you want to clean them up, tap the Edit button and remove the local data for specific websites. You're also provided with an option to remove all website data in one batch.


Tweet URL

Twitter is now built into the iOS. Not only you can share a URL by email, you can now tweet the URL and share with your Twitter friend directly.

On any web page, tap the middle button in toolbar and you'll see the Tweet option. Tap on it and send out your tweet.




Tap Back Button to Show Browsing History (iPad Only)

For iPad user, you can now tap and hold the Back button. Safari will show you the web pages you've visited. Simply select any of the web pages to go back.



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