The best deals on homes these days are often on properties that aren't perfect.

Home shoppers looking for a great deal should keep these factors in mind when they are looking for a place with potential:

·Location, location, location. It's still true that you get a better deal when you buy the worst house in a great neighborhood than you do when you buy a fancy house in a not-so terrific neighborhood.

·Less than 50 years old. Properties older than a half decade are likely to have more fundamental problems - like aging wiring, inadequate plumbing and sagging foundations.

·Livable floor plan. Buyers should select a home with a basic design they can live with. Once they start moving walls, they're into big money.

·Light. Houses with the most potential have plenty of natural light.

·Good storage. Adding storage isn't cheap, so it's smart to choose a property that already has it.