The several tornadoes that touched down in the Plains and Midwest over the past few days are a grim reminder of the danger these natural forces pose. While they are even more dangerous in today’s overpopulated world, tornadoes have caused massive damage  over the past century. Take a look at five tornadoes from the past 50 years that have struck towns in the United States and the damage they caused. As you will find, some of the most damaging tornados have occured in the past couple of years, and some even in the same places, like Moore, Okla. 

Joplin, Mo. (2011)

Rating: EF5
Dead: 158
Injured: 1,150
Damage: $2.8 billion

Tuscaloosa, Ala. (2011)


Rating: EF4
Dead: 64
Injured: More than 1,500
Damage:$2.2 billion

Moore, Okla. (1999)


Rating: F5
Dead: 50
Damage: $1.5 billion

Warren/Youngstown/Newton Falls, Ohio (1985)


Rating: F5
Dead: 88
Damage: $980 million

Topeka, Kan. (1966)


Rating: F5
Dead: 16
Damage: $104.6 million ($750.9 million in 2013 USD)