With no official word on who will play the coveted leads in the film adaption of the series “Fifty Shades of Grey,” fans of the trilogy are buzzing over its potential stars. While rumors that multiple famous faces have auditioned for the roles over the past few months, a new star, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” actress Lily Collins, is a the latest up-and-comer to be named as a potential Anastasia Steele.

According to a report from MStarz, Collins is not only heating up this weekend's box office predictions and recent “best dressed” lists, she is also a favorite among fan-made, unofficial “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailers on YouTube. While fans have made multiple mash-ups featuring everyone from “Gilmore Girls” actress Alexis Bledel, to “Suburgatory” sitcom star Jane Levy in the role as the young, naive Miss Steele, Collins, 24, is noticeably popular among fans.

“I would love Lily to take on the role of Ana,” said YouTube user Sary Em who created one of the many unofficial trailers for the film “Fifty Shades Starring Matt Bomer & Lily Collins MV2 .” "She has that look for me, innocent yet she is willing to do lots for love! Those eyes have a twinkle of mischievous naughty tendencies,” said Em, one of the many to pit Collins against longtime fan favorite for the role of Christian Grey, “White Collar” actor Matt Bomer.

While some fans of the best-selling series have taken to YouTube to express their displeasure over rumors that Collins could potentially play Anastasia Steele, commenting that her incorrect eye color and youthful appearance makes her unfit for the role, others have called her the British native “perfect." “She looks just as I imagined Anastasia should be,” said YouTube user MsGlitterGirlStar. “I haven't even thought about Lily Collins as Ana Steele and she's really good,” said user Nastia Salinger. “Thanks for opening my eyes.”

Following rumored reports that the series' author E. L. James would reveal the film's stars at San Diego’s 2013 Comic-Con last month, the creator instead confirmed the film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson. Focus Features official Facebook page announced in June that “Fifty Shades of Grey” is scheduled to premiere in theatres on Aug. 1 2014.