The growth in smartphone use represents business opportunities in several different ways. I've discussed the rise in smartphone use before, but new numbers indicate that smartphone adoption in the US has crossed the 50% threshold (and that number is higher in certain demographic groups). The new research comes from The Pew Internet Project who conducted a national survey of over 2,000 participants.

As more smartphones are put into use, the user behaviors that marketers can gain a greater understanding of become that much more important to analyze given the increase in user volume. Any trending behaviors when adoption was much lower, say 1 year ago, carried less importance than now as the sheer number of people performing the behaviors in question are far greater. Marketers can then make more informed decisions about how they engage consumers on their phones.  An SEO company can use information regarding certain behaviors to determine where they should allocate marketing time, energy, and spend. The strategies can vary greatly, and having insight into such behavior is key so that appropriate measures that capitalize on specific behaviors can be planned and implemented. Further, knowing that high volumes of people are performing these behaviors is just as important because the SEO company knows they are getting good return on investment for their client.   

Two examples of how relevant data can make a big different for companies in their SEO efforts is first in the case of targeting specific demographics and second, optimizing for local and app searching. The Pew data show that for several groups (college graduates, 18-35 year olds, and $75,000+ earners), smartphone adoption is over 60%. With this data, marketing experts can target these specific groups more than others when it comes to their campaigns and SEO practices. This leads to more targeted efforts and greater return on investment.

dditionally, a study from Localeze, 15 Miles, and comScore shows that almost 50% of smartphone and tablet owners use apps to find local information. This means that SEO companies assisting businesses targeting local search traffic need to gain an optimized presence on these app listings. With this information, marketers know where to direct their efforts the most, based on who uses what Apps the most. Mobile marketing is only going to increase and as the numbers become greater, its relevance will only be solidified further.