Luxury Leisure: London luxury goods firm Dunhill has come out with an exquisite gentleman's games set finished in exotic shagreen for $50,000. The Shagreen Games Compendium is handmade by expert artisans exclusively for Alfred Dunhill and is inspired by some of the finest pieces in the Dunhill archive. The games chest is formed using cedar wood and then covered in the very finest grey shagreen leather (derived from the skin of male rays) and elegantly trimmed with ebony with stainless steel hardware.

The shagreen provides a protective element as it is remarkable durable. The Compendium contains shagreen-embellished chess, backgammon and noughts & crosses boards with all counters and pieces finished in sterling silver. A bottom tray houses two packs of Dunhill playing cards, poker dice, bridge score cards and Dunhill pencils. The firm is also offering a matching watch or cufflink box in the same cedar, shagreen and ebony style and a limited edition fountain pen with an 18 carat gold nib and shagreen covered barrel.