A new year means new Duggar episodes. After starring in a few TLC specials, the Arkansas family is returning for Season 1 of "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" on Tuesday, March 15. But before the network airs the highly anticipated 2016 installments, we have a few questions we're hoping the family answers in their first, full-length return to television following the cancelation of "19 Kids and Counting."

1. Will Anna Share A Marriage Update? Anna Duggar made it clear in the first episodes of “Counting On” that she wants to try and make her marriage to Josh Duggar work. And since Josh will not be appearing on the program, it will be up to the mother of four to share a marriage update with viewers. Is Anna still working towards forgiving Josh for his infidelity or is she leaning towards getting a divorce? 

2. Does Jana Have Big News? A clip of Jana Duggar saying “I totally didn't see this coming" in the trailer has fans speculating she may be courting. While she hasn’t made an announcement, the 26 year old been attached to several men throughout the years. She was most recently linked to former NFL star Tim Tebow, though her cousin, Amy Duggar, denied those rumors.

3. Is Joseph Courting? The Duggars and Bates have been longtime friends, but rumor has it Joseph Duggar, 21, and Carlin Bates may be more than platonic. The “Counting On” and “Bringing Up Bates” stars were spotted getting close in a video posted to Instagram by Amy in January. It appears we should keep an eye out for potential courtship announcements in Season 1!

Josiah, 19, was the last known male Duggar in a courtship — he split from girlfriend Marjorie Jackson after four months in April. On Wednesday, he hinted they could get back together. John-David Duggar, 26, has also been linked to a few women in the past year, though the family denied those relationships were official.

4. Jinger And Lawson Sitting In A Tree? Could there be another Duggar-Bates romance in the works? Jinger Duggar has been linked to Lawson Bates since September 2015. The duo reality stars sparked dating rumors in when they posed side-by-side at Amy’s wedding. Jinger, now 22, even visited Lawson, 23, in Tennessee with her family in October.

5. When Will Jessa Adopt? Jessa Seewald makes it clear in the promo that she and husband Ben want to adopt “very soon.” How early can fans expect another addition to the Seewald brood? Baby Spurgeon needs a sibling!

6. What Are The Younger Duggars Roles? "Counting On" will feature several of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's older children this season, but it's unknown what role their younger offspring will play. The latest "Counting On" trailer has brief clips of the kids planning to build a tree house with Jana. Let's keep our fingers crossed for more Duggar cameos!

"Jill & Jessa: Counting On" Season 1 airs Tuesday, March 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.