In a world where Netflix reigns supreme over all video streaming services, no one has the clout to compete.

Or, well...Microsoft does? It’s kind of an odd decision, but Microsoft has been producing its own original content to stream on the Xbox One and 360 for Xbox Live Members. It’s not necessarily the feature gamers signed up for originally, but more of a supplementary service for those who use their consoles as a media hub. I suppose I’ll understand this more if Microsoft has a large number or worthwhile shows rolling out early next year (when the service is slated to begin), but this will prove a tough sell for those who have already pledged their allegiance to the shield of Netflix. Or to a lesser extent, the sword of Hulu Plus. Maybe Microsoft is striving to garner as much original content as it can.

Coincidentally, Microsoft won’t have Minecraft to itself anymore (among the major consoles, anyway) -- Mojang’s block builder will be available on the PS3 tomorrow, with a PS4 release to follow sometime next year. Mojang promises the PlayStation versions will be identical to the Xbox versions, down to the update schedules and patches.

And speaking of patches, Google has eliminated a hidden privacy feature in the KitKat 4.4.2 update. The feature, called the “Apps Op UI,” allowed users to customize what specific applications they had access to on their phones (GPS location, WiFi, contacts, etc.), but Google has removed the menu, stating that the feature was “unintentional.”

Bust out the tinfoil hats.