The 65th Annual Emmy Awards will air Sunday evening with some of the tightest races in Emmy history, especially in the Drama series category. But aside from who will win the statues, another question is who will prevail in the Sunday night ratings war: Airing at the same time as the awards are hit shows "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter," each with a large and loyal audience.

IBTimes culture editor Ellen Killoran sat down with IBTimesTV to reveal who she thinks will win, should win and why Netflix could be a game-changer with its multiple nominations in several categories.

But is the Academy willing to accept and embrace the new medium for an Emmy win?

Killoran revealed which actress she wants to walk away with a statue, and why Sunday night could hold many surprises for the global audience that will be tuning in.

The 65th Annual Emmy Awards will begin at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS: But with the instant accessibility of information about the results via social media, will you tune into "Breaking Bad" or "Dexter" instead of watching the show as it unfolds?