7 Funny Re-election Memes

on November 07 2012 2:04 PM
  • Romney gets his results
    A quip at Mitt Romney, on featuring talk show host, Maury Povitch. Twitter
  • B for Barack
    A play on the Beyonce song, "'03 Bonnie & Clyde." Twitter
  • Historical high five
    A simulated high five between President Barack Obama and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Twitter
  • Want to be on top?
    Tyra Banks selects America's Next Top President. Tumblr
  • The Dark Knight?
    President Obama's elections apparently coincide with Batman movies. Tumblr
  • National PSA
    A play on the Jay-Z song, "Public Service Announcement." Twitter
  • Even in fiction
    British TV series "Doctor Who" predicts the election. Tumblr
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It is increasingly common for people to immortalize certain events with Internet memes, and the 2012 election has been no exception. Some memes are reflective or coincidental, however, most are totally hilarious. Check out these seven re-election-themed memes.