A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on job-hopping.

I argued that  although it's commonly thought of as a negative practice, job-hopping - if done right - isn't necessarily the career kiss of death.

I highlighted some of the benefits of the practice.

Benefits like building a new skill set, learning to adapt to new environments and earning a pay rise of up to 20%.

My exploration of the topic got me thinking: what are some other, less conventional, but equally worthy reasons to job hop?

It didn't take me long to come up with a few: 

1) To check out a new pool of talent. And I don't mean talent in the HR sense of the word. Office crushes have an expiration date. If there's no longer anyone to dress up for, it may be time to move on.

2) To always be the new talent. Speaking of expiration dates, leave before yours is up.

3) Because it's just sooo Gen Y. What, you've been at the same job for three years? LOL. You probs still have a Hotmail account too. Oh snnnnap! 

4) To take advantage of the perks of always being the new kid. Namely, low expectations.

5) To reinvent yourself more often. One year, you can be a goth. The next, a shoulder-pad wearing ball-buster who, deep down, is a total softie. The year after that, a shameless neo-conservative who, deep down, still sucks. Such fun!  

6) Because it automatically awards you more online real estate. Just think of how much longer your Info page on Facebook will be. Likewise for your LinkedIn profile. 

7) When you've grown indifferent to your office nemesis.  Everyone needs a challenge at work. Don't sell yourself short with a less-than-worthy arch-rival. If you are your own worst enemy, it's time to skidaddle. 

Have I missed anything? If' you've got some other good reasons to job hop in mind, please chime in below!