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In today's recession atmosphere, productivity is a keyword.   Here are seven ways to be sure you do not get the best from your staff:

1.  Value busy employees.  Busy does not mean effective or efficient. 

2.  Pass on all the extra work.  You cannot just delegate more and expect it all to be done.  Provide guidelines as to what is the priority work.

3. Ignore your own desk.  If the logjam is in your office, choose someone with good office organizing skills to assist you.

3.  Reduce training.  What better time to provide organizing and time management seminars than when you are expecting increased productivity?

4.  Hold more meetings.  Just gathering everyone together frequently limits the time they can actually work. 

5.  Do not consider outside help.  Even though the budget is tight, consider using temporary assistants for bigger projects.

6.  Stifle new initiatives.  Ask your employees to be evaluating work flow and providing ideas to improve the bottom line.  Employees need to know their ideas are valued and appreciated.

7.  Make sure everyone appreciates how lucky they are.  Workers are worried today.  Scared workers will be stressed workers.  Stressed workers get sick more frequently.  They are not productive then, and they will be spreading those germs to others.  Instead, stress the value of your current employees.

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