We want to continually increase productivity and are always looking at ways to work more efficiently so that we find more time. When we are accomplishing more, there actually ends up being more time for us to enjoy life. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes that lower our productivity. Here is a list of 8 things unproductive people do:

1) Skip meals
This should be an obvious mistake! Without proper nutrition, energy is drained, and productivity is severely decreased.

2) Work straight through the day without breaks
Our minds need a chance to rest. Try to take a break in the morning and the afternoon. Get away from your desk and allow your mind to relax for just a few minutes. (K-link to afternoon breaks)

3) Live life without structure
Implementing some structure or schedule in your day will help you to focus your attention on the task at hand. Knowing that you'll have time later in the day to take care of other obligations will let you complete current projects without losing your concentration.

4) Allow distractions such as phone calls and emails to divert attention
When you're working on a project, you need to completely focus all of your attention on completing that project. As phone calls or emails arrive, allowing yourself to react to them will result in a loss of attention, and lead to poor productivity.

5) Focus some energy on each project
Each project deserves your undivided attention and energy. You should not put only partial effort into a project, this will always lead to lower quality work.

6) Forget to set aside time to handle life's details 
Remember that an organized and well-managed life takes time and commitment. If you do not allow yourself time every day to keep up with the various components of your lifestyle, you'll soon be feeling out of control.

7) Multitask
While multitasking seems to be a way of life, studies have repeatedly shown that dividing your focus among several important task leads to lower quality work.

8) Fail to set goals
Goals are our driving force! Be sure to set reasonable (and even lofty) goals for yourself and work to achieve them. When you do not push yourself, your productivity and success will reach a plateau.

If you see yourself falling into any of these traps, take a moment and evaluate how you can change that trend. It is a simple step that will result in more success in your life!