Update 10:48 a.m. EDT: The death toll has risen to 20 in the clashes between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military in the eastern city of Mariupol. 

Ukraine's interior minister told Reuters that security forces killed 20 rebels. Arsen Avakov said "terrorists" were trying to seize police headquarters in Mariupol when a battle erupted inside the building between the rebels and the Ukrainian military, national guard and security forces.

Original story:

Video has surfaced of a confrontation between the Ukrainian army and locals in Mariupol as a tank rolled through a street in the eastern Ukrainian town. At least eight people were killed Friday during a shootout in the city between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military.

Gunshots and shouting can be heard as locals are seen surrounding the tank. You can view the video above. (Note the little picture of Stalin in the upper right corner.)

Meanwhile, there were reports Thursday of several deaths in Mariupol during a shootout between separatists and the Ukrainian army, with the BBC reporting eight deaths. The violence came amid the backdrop of Ukraine staging an operation to reclaim official buildings that are now occupied by pro-Russian rebels in Mariupol and other cities sympathetic to Russia.

ITV News Foreign News Editor John Angier, who is in Mariupol, tweeted about the fighting, and said it appeared the body of a civilian was lying on the road outside a police station in the city. He also said locals shouted "shame" at the military after they emerged from a police station.




Angier also tweeted that a police station was on fire.