Curly and bouncing hair is probably one of the all-time favorites for women across the world. For, it not only adds volume to the hair, but also gives it a suave style. However, there is no question that getting the right look can be more than difficult to achieve sometimes.

The curls have a nasty habit of looking messy and unkempt if not made up properly and end up giving the exact opposite result of what you desired. And so we have the myth amongst women that the art of hair curling is a difficult proposition.

Well, that is not really the case as we believe it is more to do with one's ability to understand the procedure and figure out the exact steps to create the curls. Suffice to say that if you follow these tips carefully, a head full of curly luxurious hair can be achieved at home with some initial help from a hairdresser.

  1. Let it be known that curls go well with hair that has multiple layers. Hence, to get a good lock of curls, the hair needs to be cut in layers

  2. Before proceeding further, ensure that the hair is free from knots and tangles. Take time to comb the hair and brush out all knots and tangles. Knots and tangles in the hair are an impediment to a perfectly styled set of curls.

  3. Curlers should be put on small sections of hair. It is better to divide the hair into smaller sections and do the curling one side at a time. Start with the left side, complete it and then move over to the right section.

  4. Don't mess and touch the curled hair that is freshly done. The hair is hot at this stage and fiddling with them can affect the eventual shape that emerges.

  5. If one seeks a completely curly look, then the best option would be using hot rollers. These can be self applied. If you are uncomfortable doing so, take the help of a hair stylist.

  6. After applying the curlers and ensuring that the curling is complete, use a hair spray to make the curls stay for a longer duration.

  7. In case tight curls don't match up with your face, brush the hair a little before applying hair spray to make the curls open a bit. Thereafter, apply the hair spray and set the curls.

  8. Sometimes the curls do not open properly with combing, which case one could apply a small portion of BioSilk for a soft and shiny finish.