Chronic back and shoulder problems are something that most women with a desk job face. Though such pains could be caused by a variety of factors, there are some simple remedies that can be taken for all such pains, excepting those that result from internal injuries like slip disk or herniated disk.

These are simple tips that can help you get rid of the pain and if not completely get rid of it at least lessen the pain.

  1. The muscles of the back are support system of women's breasts and those with large breasts generally have to suffer from back pain. In such cases, women should wear undergarments that support the breasts tightly and might even try out breast reduction exercises.

  2. A weak spine is a major source of back pain. Exercise to strengthen your spine should be a part of the daily regime. Exercise should be undertaken for at least half an hour and if that's not possible then activities like swimming or cycling that strengthens back muscles is a must.

  3. Wrong posture at work is another major cause of back pain. Relaxing your muscles and sitting in a lazy posture does not help the back. In fact it does quite the opposite. Sitting in an erect posture helps in strengthening the muscles.

  4. A person's posture while sleeping also has an important role to play. Wrong posture while sleeping too can hurt the spine and shoulder muscles, causing severe pain. Sleeping curled up or in any such posture buts burdens the spinal muscles will eventually cause pain. One must be aware of how one is sleeping and ensure that one is not putting strain on the spine or shoulder muscles.

  5. Activities like bending down to pick things or to do chores should be strictly avoided in case you already have back pains. It will be better if the person squatted instead of bending and performed the simple chores like picking things or tying shoe laces. These chores may take only a few seconds but their adverse impact on the back might be lifelong.

  6. A person with back pain should never try to lift weights. Though you may feel strong enough and believe that you have enough strength to pick up a heavy object for small durations, there is every chance that such a lift might result in a spinal injury. A twitch in the back muscles can also be a cause of severe pain.

  7. If the person is already feeling uneasiness in the back, he should refrain from any activity that requires fast movement. Getting a thorough health checkup for spine damage is critical. A simple MRI or Xray will be able to ascertain the same.

  8. And finally, go heavy with calcium and iron in your diet as these ensure that your bones stay strong enough and provide extra nutrition to the spine.