With pre-existing homes there are several options to outfit them with an eco-friendly twist. Here are eight energy-saving features that, over the long term, can also save you in home energy costs. For a more detailed analysis of cost savings, visit GreenandSave.com.

1.)   Low-flush toilets

2.)   Energy Star approved washers and dryers, a quick and easy suggestion from both Mlachak and Persha.

3.)   FSC/NFC Sustainable woods in floors, countertops and cabinets: The Forest Stewardship Council certifies woods as sustainable, says Mlachak. Bamboo is a good choice as it is the fastest-growing, most renewable wood, says Caine. It grows and grows and grows. Bamboo is such an amazing material.

4.)   Tankless water heater: Water is heated just prior to use, requiring less energy than if the hot water were stored for a long period.  It lasts two to three times as long, says Plessett.

5.)   Low- or zero-VOC paints

6.)   Low-flow faucets and shower heads

7.)   Radiant heat

8.)  Use of recycled or reclaimed materials in construction, and locally if possible: This minimizes the carbon footprint so that fewer fossil fuels are needed to either make or transport the materials across several states. Any materials you're taking out of the home, properly dispose by reusing or dropping off at the right facility, says Caine.

9.)   Motion-sensor lights: That can be very useful with children who might not always remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room, says Persha.