Most kindergartners spend their days finger painting, swapping snacks and taking naps. But 5-year-old Sophia Moss in Louisiana is quite an ambitious girl, having read 875 books in one year at school.

Moss started off checking out five books per week from the T.S. Cooley Elementary in Lake Charles, La., library. Nowadays, she’s up to at least 20 books per week.

"A lot of the days, I read books. It's just a couple days I don't read," Moss told local NBC News affiliate KPLC. "I just like reading!"

In fact, the 5-year-old read so many books that her librarian plans to order even more for the child to consume.

"I told Sophia, I said we're going to have to order more books for T.S. Cooley Library because she has read so many of them and enjoys so many of them," school librarian Mary Lanier said. "This is very unusual for a kindergartner, especially to read this many books in a year's time. Very unusual.”

However, Moss’ father, Carl, who helped teach her how to check out books, said he’s proud of his daughter’s literature appetite. “Every day when I brought her to school in the morning, I’d go get her like two or three books, and the librarian suggested, ‘Why don’t you get five?’ and then she said, ‘Why don’t you get 10?’” he told Good Morning America.

"She'd be reading instead of sleeping," he told KPLC. “She loves to read, and she does it all the time."

Carl, 53, said it all began with Elmo for Sophia, but nowadays, the Curious George series is her favorite.

“It started with Elmo, and then we had a DVD of 'Hooked on Phonics,' and she just loved it and started watching it at 2-and-a-half years old,” her father told "GMA." “She learned her phonics, so we did sight words, and then we went to the LeapFrog books that we got at Walmart. Short vowels, long vowels, and probably by 3-and-a-half she was sight-reading and doing small, small sentences.”

Sophia loves reading so much that she even wrote a book of her own. Moss turned a book report for her kindergarten class into a book called “Sophia’s Pet” about a turtle who has superpowers.

"The book that I wrote I made all by myself, and my dad helped me make it," Sophia Moss said.