Children are the greatest gift of God in all sense. There is nothing more divine than bringing them up with the right education and keeping them happy. There are a number of apps for your iPad / iPhone mended exclusively for your little kids. These applications can effectively enhance your child's reasoning power and IQ level. Here are a few highly-rated applications.

Cute Math

Cute Math is a basic game with 6 mini games of which the first two are basic counting games and the other two are simple addition and subtraction games. The final two rounds are designed to test what your kids have learnt in the previous rounds. All these games have funny animations and sounds and would be the apt choice for children aged between 4-6. The game is available for $1.99.


Grammar Quiz for Kids

Well, though not just for the kids, this application could be the apt choice to enhance your grammar skills. The answers are presented as multiple choices and on answering, the phone tells you if they are correct or wrong. With great sound effects, the application, at the end tells you the number of answers you had got right. The application allows you to work on landscape and portrait mode. It is available for $0.99 in the iTune store.


Sky Numbers

SkyThe Sky Numbers application will refine your arithmetic skills. A user is given a target number while other numbers fall from the sky. These numbers are usually combined with operations like +, -, *, and / in order to reach the target numbers. When even a single number falls through the last cloud, the game ends. So your challenge lies in tackling these numbers before they fall. With time, the speed of the game also increases. The application also allows you to share your scores with Facebook and Twitter. The application costs you around $2.99.

Kids Rhymes

And so what on Earth is not available on your iPhone? This time it's Nursery Rhymes for your learning kids. The Kids Rhyme Volume - 1 has basic rhymes for your kids to begin with. The funny animations, musical words and the style with which the rhymes are presented will do enough to attract even the dullest of kids. This great application is available for $0.99 on your iTune stores.

Math Magic

Math Magic is yet another kiddy game where the child is tested with simple quiz for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. There are four choices of answers to choose from beneath each of the equation. When the kid chooses the right answer there is a voice that congratulates him. On the other hand the voice encourages the child to go on and do well next time even if he chooses the wrong answer. Such factors can really boost up a child's confidence. The application is available for a mere sum of £0.69.





After all that it has done to mankind, the applications of iPhone, have started taking over your storytelling-task as well. With 247 fairy tales in English, 87 in Italian, 42 in French and with 7 types of background music storytelling is just a committed story-teller for your kids. The application also allows you to write your own stories and share them with the rest of the world as well. This iPhone and iPad application [iTunes link] is available for $1.99 on App Store.




Pop Math Lite

PopPop Math Lite features floating bubbles with a mix of equations and solutions written on them. All a user needs to do is touch an equation and match it with the solution given in the bubble pop. As you pop enough bubbles you go to the next level. Again, this free game is equipped with great animations and attractions for kids.

Math Drills Lite

Math Drills Lite is a free app and may not have the fancy animations and sounds that the above applications offer but it is one of the best math-teaching game available. The game has both a review mode and a practice mode. The game proves to be one of the best visual-teaching applications too, where from number lines to blocks, there are plenty of methods to teach you math. Questions that are missed are also brought back to give another shot for children so that they understand where they go wrong.


Cartoon Network Video

Finally, can you imagine kids without cartoons? iPhone applications have them for you. The new application Cartoon Network Video works only with iOS 4.2 and will play your favourite cartoon network videos anywhere and anytime. Select among hundreds of hit cartoon videos and you can also have full access and watch full episodes, a day after they are premiered on TV. And what's more the application is free for your kids.


We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher.

Children are the seeds of future. Hence it is very important to get them do the right things at the right age. After all you should do your bit to save the future of this world.

This is a guest post contributed by Sanjay Bojan. Sanjay Bojan is a blogger and mobile enthusiasts. He loves writing Mobile Phone Reviewsand to experiment innovative gadgets that makes our work easier. Follow Sanjay @mphonereviews.


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