A 93-year old Kansas City man allegedly stabbed his 95-year-old wife to death before attempting suicide Wednesday, police said.

Harry D. Irwin from Kansas City has been charged with second degree murder for allegedly killing Grace P. Irwin, his wife of seventy years.  

Irwin, who sustained injuries in the chest and wrists in his failed attempt to commit suicide, remains hospitalized. He is reportedly out of danger.

The authorities found a suicide note at his residence.

When he regained consciousness, Irwin said he had killed his wife because she had been arguing and screaming at him all night and he could take it no more, the Kansas City Star reported citing court documents.  However, he said he did not remember how he “did her in” and expressed surprise that he was alive.

“Yes, I killed her… And then killed myself. Why am I still awake?” he reportedly asked a nurse attending him.

Grace Irwin was found dead in her bed with blood on her head while Irwin was found unconscious in a recliner with stab wounds on his chest and arms and was still holding a knife, the Kansas City Star has reported.

Grace, who celebrated her 95th birthday earlier this month, was in poor health and was rarely seen outside the home. She had undergone several surgeries to remove cancerous growths and got her hip replaced recently.

Grace’s brother, Salvatore Privitera, told the Kansas City Star that she had a sharp mind despite her poor health. “She always said, ‘Lord, I can take anything. Just don’t let me lose my mind,’” he said, adding that his sister was interested in living.

According to Privitera, Irwin’s health was better and he took good care of his wife.

The couple, who married in Kansas City in 1942, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last month.

The couple’s seven children, all of them in their 60s, live at a short distance from their parents’ house. The children and grand children often visited the couple, according to the neighbors, Fox News has reported.