The $99 HP TouchPad Sale was on fire last month and it has been reported that more than 300,000 employees caused the site to crash after the company open an internal sale on Wednesday morning.

HP decided to offer the cheap TouchPad tablet to their employees at the same fire sale price it offered to the public back in August in order to sell out the remaining inventory.

TechieInsider reported that the HP store was swamped by several thousands of employees, which caused the site to crash promptly because of the burden placed on it.
That report noted that the TouchPad seemed to have disappeared within several hours.

Employees who tried to make their purchase online ended up experiencing slow response times. Additionally, calls to the employee store resulted in long wait times, according to reports.

HP is yet to talk about the demand it is getting from employees for the Touchpad tablet. The company hasn't said how many tablets were stored up for them.

Wireless and Mobile News learned that the recent sale of the remaining stock of HP TouchPads to its employees might have cost the company tens of millions of dollars in lost productivity.