After HP in a strategic move stated that it will discontinue its WebOS line of devices, retailers nationwide dropped the price of TouchPad from $399 to $99 and $499 to $149.

The fire sale created a frenzy among customers with retailers like Best Buy recording out-of-stock status.

Earlier it was reported that Best Buy was sitting on a stock pile of 270,000 TouchPads. It was able to sell only 25,000 units of its inventory.

However while consumers rush to grab the WebOS-based tablet, the TouchPad offered at $99, the rationale to spend the amount on a tablet which HP will no longer support has left the industry watchers bemused.

The choice to spend $99 on a defunct tablet seems incredulous when there are multiple cheap Android replacements available.

Here is a list of some affordable Android tablets available at Best Buy:

Coby Tablet Black

Android 2.3

7-inch Display


Aldikp E-Book Reader Appslib Application Store, Google Browser


Coby - Kyros Tablet with 512MB Memory - Black

Android 2.2 operating system

7inch Display


512MB memory

Appslib Application Store, Google and YouTube


Barnes & Noble - NOOK Color eReader

7-inch color touch-screen display

Android 2.2

VividView technology; supports ePub, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, TXT formats;

8GB built-in memory


Price $249

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Factory Refurbished - 16GB

Android 2.2 Froyo

7-inch display


16GB memory

Android Market

Price $319.99

Toshiba Thrive - 8GB

Android Honeycomb


Price - $397.99

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet -16GB

Android 3.0



Price - $399.99

Acer Iconia - 16GB

Android 3.0