Located in Montreal, Quebec, A5 Laboratories is a contract research based organization servicing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across North America. Today, A5 Labs took a major step towards prominence with the announcement they have been granted a U.S. Provisional Patent.

The patent is number US 61/400,719 and has a filing date of August 2, 2010 and was accepted by the United States Patent Office. The patent application was submitted to protect its technology for the production of interferon-based products.

The patent application will allow A5 Labs to utilize their new method of protection for the production of therapeutic proteins and specifically A5 Labs lead product VI-1718 for the treatment of certain cancers, multiple sclerosis and viral infections.

Leading the way at A5 Labs is Dr. Richard Azani who serves as the company’s President and CEO. Commenting on what this patent will mean to the future of A5 Labs, Dr. Azani was quoted as saying, “I am very pleased that the United States patent office has accepted our patent application. We believe that the granting of this provisional patent will protect our company’s new technology for the production of our interferon-based products such as VI-1718. We look forward to the next steps in advancing our plans towards the development of these products.”

To learn more about the A5 Labs, visit the company website at: www.A5labs.com.