The 23-year-old New York rapper A$AP Rocky, aka Rakim Mayers, was arrested Thursday night after brawling with two amateur photographers, TMZ reported.

Law-enforcement officials said A$AP and a friend were caught in a verbal dispute with someone else in downtown Manhattan when two passersby began photographing them. A$AP and the friend quickly redirected their anger at the photographers. TMZ later confirmed that A$AP was apprehended by the police for the incident, and that two victims suffered cuts and bruises with one requiring treatment at a hospital.

A$AP Rocky is a Harlem-born rapper and informal leader of the hip-hop group A$AP Mob who has recently gained critical attention for his music and his unique mannerisms compared with other hip-hop artists. Last year, he released his debut mixtape, LiveLoveA$AP, netting him critical acclaim and a $3 million record deal. Soon after, the rapper -- who often refers to himself as dat pretter m---------r -- began appearing in effete publications like GQ, where he discussed his love of high fashion and how it's f-----d up how homophobic and belligerent most rappers are.

As Rocky himself tweeted in anticipation Thursday, Friday was supposed to see his debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It is unclear whether he will be released from custody by then.

You can watch the music video for Peso from LiveLoveA$AP below.