As former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez languishes behind bars for the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd, his relationship with fiancée Shayanna Jenkins has come under increased scrutiny. A new report suggests that Jenkins called the cops on Hernandez a few months ago when one of his parties spiraled out of control and ended with “blood everywhere.”

Sources told TMZ that the alleged incident took place “a few months ago” in Hermosa Beach, Calif., where Hernandez and his fiancée rented an apartment. According to the sources, Hernandez and a group of his friends partied from 4 p.m. to 9 a.m., drawing Jenkins’ ire in the process.

Hernandez and Jenkins began to argue about whether or not the party should continue. At some point during the argument, an infuriated Hernandez punched a window, suffering serious cuts to his hand. Sources told TMZ that the hand injury was so serious that there “was blood everywhere.”

With Hernandez’s hand bleeding, his fiancée finally decided to call the local police in an effort to end the party. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they made frequent stops at Hernandez’s house, and that the recently arrested 23-year-old “had no regard” for his neighbor’s complaints about his late-night parties. According to TMZ, Hernandez’s neighbors have regularly described him as a “nightmare.”

The new revelation about Hernandez’s blood-soaked party came just hours after TMZ revealed that police had responded to a domestic incident between the football player and his fiancée in 2012. According to the report, a neighbor once called local police to file a domestic disturbance, claiming that Hernandez and Jenkins had been “fighting.”

However, when police responded to the couple’s Hermosa Beach apartment, Jenkins reportedly declined to press charges against Hernandez. Authorities ended up leaving the premises without making an arrest, though it remains unclear if the alleged domestic dispute was physical or verbal in nature.

Hernandez and Jenkins have reportedly been dating since 2007, when they attended high school in Connecticut together. The couple have an infant daughter, Avielle Janelle, born in November 2012.