Aaron Hernandez has been in jail for over four months on charges that he was responsible for the death of Odin Lloyd. A few of his family members have been connected to the case and even been charged with crimes. Now, the former professional football player is making headlines because of another family member.

Despite being incarcerated, TMZ reports that Hernandez is in constant contact with his daughter. Avielle Janelle was born on Nov. 6, 2012 and shares the same birthday as the ex-New England Patriots tight end. According to the gossip website, Hernandez talks to her on the phone almost every day.

Avielle Janelle can barely speak, but TMZ says that she did say the word “daddy” approximately two months ago over the phone. Hernandez is reportedly allowed to talk on the phone for one hour each day.

The mother of Avielle Janelle and Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, has been facing a legal battle of her own. She’s been charged with perjury, relating to what she told her authorities about potential evidence that could indicate Hernandez in Lloyd’s murder. Prosecutors say that Jenkins isn’t being truthful when saying she doesn’t remember where she disposed of a box that was taken from Hernandez’s home. She also allegedly lied about details involving asking workers who cleaned the Hernandez home to sign nondisclosure agreements.

Bristol Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh has ordered prosecutors to put Jenkins’s alleged lies in writing. The order is a small win for Jenkins, according to the Boston Globe, since the prosecution has not been specific enough about the charges. The "bill of particulars" must be filed by Dec. 2.

Jenkins’s lawyer, Janice Bassil, requested that the prosecution be forced to indicate specific statements, by page and line number in court transcripts, made by Hernandez’s girlfriend that they believe to be lies. Garsh denied the request.