AbTech Holdings, Inc. (www.abtechindustries.com) – which previously announced its Letter of Intent to acquire all issued/outstanding capital stock of AbTech Industries, Inc., thus rendering it a wholly-owned subsidiary, today (Thursday, Aug. 5) conveyed news regarding its ongoing efforts to put AbTech and its proprietary water-cleaning Smart Sponge® technology at the forefront of Gulf of Mexico cleanup operations.

Some 5M barrels of oil are the target, and the Company – which is a registered vendor in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi – has already registered with the Deep Horizon Command Center, filed both individual and joint consortium with the Interagency Alternative Technology Assessment Program, and is currently engaged in testing with the Gulf-area Incident Command Centers.

The U.S. Coast Guard has recognized the Smart Sponge technology as having a “Potential for Benefit”, and the Company is working seamlessly with a localized contractor infrastructure to deploy its products rapidly and help to stem the tide of disaster in the Gulf’s fragile biomes.

AbTech custom configured the Smart Sponge products to be used in this operation to yield optimal absorption and filtration, exacting the full benefit of the technology’s groundbreaking remediation capabilities.

The Smart Sponge absorbs oil on contact. Published tests validate 10-minute absorption rates at 8.6:1 for Kuwait Light Crude, and 3.4:1 for North Slope Crude, and at a much lower cost than alternatives while locking in the pollutants for easy recycling, thus constituting a completely closed-loop solution set for water pollution.

The technology was originally certified 14 years ago, and AbTech has since perfected the Smart Sponge via industrial, military, storm water and other water remediation projects – resulting in the current deployment of AbTech products both globally and in 13k locations in 36 states domestically.

The AbTech Ultra-Urban® Filter series, which employs the Smart Sponge technology, is even listed as a Best Management Practice technology under federal guidelines established for local governments by the EPA.

AbTech is in a prime position to execute on its strategy and stands poised not only to generate substantial shareholder revenue but also grow the brand wildly by playing a crucial role in helping to clean up this ecological catastrophe.

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