Accelerize New Media Inc. is a multi-faceted internet company providing performance-based solutions for its customers. The company owns a unique blend of approximately 6,000 web properties, provides real-time SEC filing and financial data services and also operates a proprietary performance-based lead generation program.

Accelerize New Media today announced the public launch of its proprietary state-of-the-art lead generation platform. This will allow the company to fully enter the multi-billion dollar US performance-based advertising market. Since its beta release in the fourth quarter of 2007, the company’s lead generation platform has generated and sold more than $2.3 million worth of leads to more than 75 debt and financial service providers in the US.

Key advantages of the Accelerize’s proprietary platform are its scalability and vertical-independence, using smart technology to provide optimal value to buyers and sellers. The fully automated lead generation platform accepts and validates leads from more than 50 company-owned web sites and 125 third-party publishers. Leads are then scored and distributed into a queue manager, which allows for real-time sale of qualified leads. The platform’s proprietary predictive concurrent router efficiently delivers leads utilizing technologies such as predictive purchasing and dynamic pricing.

In speaking of the company’s bright future, Jeff McCollum, the head of Accelerize’s lead generation divison, said that “Performance-based advertising is the driving force behind online advertising, as companies look to lower cost and increase return on investment.” Mr. McCollum further stated, “Accelerize has invested several million dollars into a top-tier vertical-agnostic platform that can revolutionize the way financial leads are generated, validated, and delivered. Customer demand in our beta stage has been amazing and we anticipate continued growth with this public launch.”