Fans, who are into classic games like "Mega Man" are in luck, as developer Ravenous Games has made "Random Heroes 3" temporarily free. Normally the game costs $0.99, which is already fairly cheap, but now mobile users can get the acclaimed platformer for the very low price of absolutely nothing.

This is the game’s first ever price drop, according to Pocket Gamer, so fans better get it while it's hot. The price will probably go back up after a week, so if anyone wants a fun and addictive platformer, they better hit the app store as soon as possible.

As the title suggests, "Random Heroes 3" has players using a random assortment of heroes to save the world. The heroes can range from zombies, businessmen, zombies in business suits and even Abraham Lincoln. The game has a ton of imaginative characters to play as, with half the fun involving which character the player will unlock next.

App Advice reported that there are 25 characters to play as and 25 weapons to unlock. Characters and weapons can be upgraded by collecting coins and skulls from fallen enemies. Additionally, players can use real money to get coins and skulls, but they are completely optional and are only for players who want to the best equipment right away.

It’s a fairly long game as well, with 75 levels to go through. There will also be a ton of enemies to shoot and a number of platforms to jump on. Mobile users will definitely have a decent challenge with the game.

"Random Heroes 3" is the third game in the acclaimed series by Ravenous Games. The last two games received plenty of acclaim thanks to the 2D graphics and gameplay. The third also did fairly well, receiving awards from various critics and praise from many a mobile gamer.

Players interested in the game can download it now on their iOS device, especially since it’s free for the time being. While it's not free for Android gamers, it is still just $.099, so anyone who wants a fun and challenging platformer for their mobile device of choice should give the game a go.

Official Random Heroes 3 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Ravenous Games)