Good news, has recreated the link so that people without my password can look at our account again - this went offline about 4 weeks ago as they redesigned some features on the website. [July 9: Account Balance Tracking].

I'll change the link in the performance/portfolio tab at the top of the page to the new link, and within our weekly summary go forward. It's the same position list that I cut and paste into a post every weekend, but it has current account balances also displayed (with 20 minute delay during the day). The account balance is akin to a NAV for a mutual fund. New link here.


Interesting useless stat of the day via The 1929-30 rally lasted 147 days and was up 46%. The rally off the March 6 low this year has been 145 days and is approximately 46%

Since the market knows all (like an Oracle it can look into the future) I wonder what that rally was signifying about the early 1930s ;)