GMAT registration is a process that shoots up the adrenaline and makes you take notice of the gruelling GMAT test which is a dream come true for many B-school aspirants.

But are you really ready to take up the GMAT challenge?

Why give the GMAT?

GMAT is a computer adaptive on line test designed to figure out the verbal, mathematical and analytical writing aptitude of a GMAT taker. GMAT scores form the base around which many decisions are taken on whether a candidate is eligible for admission to B-schools or not. Therefore, GMAT become a 'must-conquer' obstacle in front of any candidate wanting to get admission in to a management program of a leading business school.

Beat the GMAT

Before I proceed I must clarify I am no GMAT guru. I am someone who has walked the rope and want to just share how I managed to scale the tough GMAT test despite the challenges.

To beat the GMAT all one needs to have is a sound GMAT prep in place which covers every important aspect of the GMAT.

GMAT tips

You will have to inculcate in your scheme of things a sound and disciplined study regime which outlines key areas like time management skills, GMAT books, GMAT pitfalls to avoid, GMAT tips & tricks, GMAT sample questions, etc.

Do not leave any GMAT question unanswered

Never rush through questions.

Get a sound grip on your nerves. Remember: Haste is Waste.

Making yourself acquainted with the online nature of the test by introducing mock GMAT test schedule will also prove beneficial to you.

I am pretty sure it is you who understands the most as to what GMAT means to you and your career objectives. No matter how many tips you come across on the net none will teach you on the importance of this important landmark of your career. So take it in all seriousness with a methodical GMAT prep which takes you through with flying colors.

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